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The Bariatric Collective

About Us

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The Bariatric Collective is a partnership focused on helping individuals who want to go through or who are going through weight loss surgery. We have all gone through weight loss surgery ourselves, so truly understand the journey that you are on.

Our staff come from a variety of backgrounds, but what we all have in common is the understanding of the journey that you've gone through are planning to go through.


We're all trained in specific areas whether that be teaching counselling, mentoring, coaching, or behaviour, just to name a few.


We match our staff directly to your needs to ensure that the journey that you are on is as effective and beneficial as possible.


The bariatric collective was born out of my own personal journey with weight loss surgery.

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Hi, I'm Jacquii, having gone through bariatric surgery and experienced both the positive and negative aspects of the journey, I felt that a greater level of support was needed for success to be achieved. My support was very much dietitian based which is vitally important, but sometimes a different dietician so I felt I kept losing any consistency I had. But what was equally important was the support I needed to help me to change my lifestyle, from understanding how to deal with my bad habits, to building my confident in starting movement (I prefer that word to exercise) to juggling my new life with working, having a social life and overall finding my new normality.


Having been overweight all of my life, and for the last 20 years or so being morbidly obese, my health has started to deteriorate due to my weight. As a nurse, I knew the impact weight had on my overall health and every year or so, I would join a weight loss group, lose some weight, then gradually put it on plus a little bit more.

My salvation came after being accepted for weight loss surgery and for this I thank my GP who really understood my needs and issues and supported me for some time on my weight loss journey. I had spoken to previous GPs about support but none had ever really helped me, I would just leave feeling really low and quite disgusted with myself.

Then COVID hit and I was very poorly quite early on which really frightened both myself and my family but thankfully once partially recovered, I had surgery. Now I’m happy, almost at a healthy weight and none of the significant medical issues I had due to obesity. Prior to surgery, I had high blood pressure, I was diabetic, struggled to walk up more than one flight of stairs and had the onset of coronary complications, I was really suffering from severe fatigue from COVID and had hardly any Vitamin D in my body.

 Now the only medication I tend to take are the vitamins and calcium that are required forever post-surgery. I tend to walk about two to three miles a day and annoy my husband greatly with my level of energy. The surgery literally saved my life and gave me a fresh start. But it is only been possible because of the amount of support I have had along the way from family, friends, neighbours, and a coaching friend whose support managed to empower me to take control over my future. They supported and encouraged me to own my own journey, to take pride in my own achievements and to make a difference in my life every day, for the rest of my life.

 The Bariatric Collective grew from the need for support.

We are all individuals and our journeys are very individual to each one of us, so the support The Bariatric Collective provide is very individual to you.

This is my story

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Our goal is to keep you on track

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Our motivation is to see you succeed

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The Bariatric Collective logo_edited_edited.png

Our satisfaction is your new life

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This is the start of your new life so make it count

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