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The Bariatric Collective

Refunds and Cancellations

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48 hours notice is required to change or cancel a session at no charge.

Notice of 24-48 hours will be done at the discretion of the coach as we understand that life is indeed a busy place.

Cancellation within 24 hours or missing a session will incur the charge of the session.

Sessions can run at the full price if the individual is late but will finish at the allotted time.

If the coach is late of unable to take the session a full refund is given.

Most sessions are undertaken on line but it is understood that many individuals can have disruptions with internet connections at times and those sessions will divert to a phone session to maintain continuity.




Fees are detailed on the website clearly for all individuals.

Fees are only required for booked coaching sessions, support for surgery information is provided free of charge.

At times sessions will run over and each coach will have a 5-10 minute window of additional time to manage the conclusion of the session if needed at no cost to the individual.


This is the start of your new life so make it count

The Bariatric Collective logo_edited_edited.png

Our goal is to keep you on track

The Bariatric Collective logo_edited_edited.png

Our motivation is to see you succeed

The Bariatric Collective logo_edited_edited.png

Our satisfaction is your new life

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